The Empowered Woman Challenge

This month, I initiated a daily challenge with my team designed to help them overcome fear and self-doubt while discovering their authentic self, defining their purpose, reigniting their passions, and tapping into their unlimited potential. The goal is to gain limitless confidence and happiness in both business and life.

It is a journey of self-awareness and self-development, but most importantly, it is a journey of empowerment.

I try to lead by example, so I knew I'd take and complete each challenge alongside my team. What I didn't know, is just how much I still have left to learn, uncover, and discover about myself.

We just completed Week One. It has been such a powerful experience that I've decided to share it here. If you could benefit from a little self-discovery, use some help figuring out how to create the life you desire versus the life you are living, and tapping into your own potential and unlimited confidence … read on!

The first challenge involved a self-identity exercise that asked us to answer the question, "Who Are You?" boldly, bravely, and with brutal honesty. 

I posed the challenge question to my team and then got to work myself. I began by jotting down the traits and qualities that I believe define "me". About mid-way through my pondering and listing, I realized something. I was listing qualities from an article about Strong Women that I'd kept tucked away in my Personal Dreams & Goals journal. They were qualities that I've always admired and longed to claim as my own, but never truly thought I would.

I hope my team got as much out of that first exercise as I did. It was enlightening. And, more importantly, empowering. It set the stage for all future exercises. I'm excited for each new challenge to see what I'll uncover and discover next!

In answer to the question, "Who Are You?" … 

This. This is who I am.

The woman who faces every challenge. She stands up for herself, and others, and refuses to stay silent in the face of abuse.

The woman who doesn't depend on anyone else. She isn't afraid of failure and trusts herself to handle her own financial, emotional, mental, and physical well-being.

The woman whose self-love game is on-point. She knows practice makes "almost" perfect and she's able to look past perceived flaws to work on improving real ones.

The woman who understands that kindness and compassion aren’t signs of weaknesses, but of great strength. She views them as opportunities to connect with others and make the world a brighter place.

The woman who doesn't view other women as a threat. She lifts them up, offers unconditional love and support, and rejoices in their successes knowing that it doesn't diminish her own achievements.

The woman who trusts her intuition and doesn’t listen to any voice but her own. She recognizes her journey and stays the course because no one knows better than she does what she truly wants and needs in life.

The woman who knows it takes enormous strength and incredible courage to put herself out there. She fearlessly allows herself to be vulnerable, speak her mind, show emotion, and share her feelings.

The woman who doesn't let the opinions of others influence her. She doesn't allow rejection, criticism, judgment, or negativity from anyone to limit her potential or hold her back. 

The woman who unapologetically reinvents herself as often as necessary. She owns who she is, does whatever it takes to be her very best, follows her heart, and knows the way to her true North.

The woman who never quits challenging herself to be better, no matter how many tries it takes. She believes in progress, not perfection, and her own inner strength and ability to do hard things.

The woman who owns her successes and believes in herself. She is proud of her wins, trusts her abilities, and refuses to minimize her achievements. She'll never make herself look small for the sake of allowing others to feel bigger.

The woman who knows exactly what it will take to reach her goals, as well as what is keeping her from reaching them. She knows when she needs to push herself, but also knows when to walk away.

The woman who understands the true definition of fearlessness. She works hard to overcome her fears, but when she can't, she shows up anyway and does it scared. Because she refuses to let fear stop her from reaching her goals or fulfilling her dreams.

The woman who is truly happy and knows what it takes to make her own happiness. She realizes happiness is a choice and a state of well-being that takes constant practice and comes from positive mental strength. 

The woman who is a bold combination of passion, self-respect, wisdom, tact, timing, strength, gentleness, and bravery. 

I've always admired these women. I never expected to be one.

But here I am … killing it. And I've never felt more empowered.

This is who I am. I've worked hard to be this woman. And, I'm very proud of her. 

I'm so thankful for the opportunity that helped me uncover my own inner confidence and outer radiance, but I'm even more thankful for the opportunity to help others do the same. ❤

What about you?


Need some help discovering your authentic-self, realizing your true purpose and potential, creating the life you want vs the life you have, and tapping into your own unlimited confidence and happiness? Join us! You can go at your own pace. Take your time. Relish in every moment of personal growth and self-discovery. Follow along here, or at Country Fried Crazy on Facebook.